Gestalt Psychotherapy 


Psychotherapy, much like counselling is a way to talk about and explore your problems, your life issues or sense of self and purpose.

As a psychotherapist I aim to understand what is happening for you as best as I can. To listen and reflect on what you need to talk about.

A therapeutic relationship is about developing a way of working together that helps bring awareness to the choices you make and how you relate.

Typically we would have a first consultation where together we can identify what you want or need and what might be getting in the way.


Gestalt is a German word that relates to experiencing the essence, pattern or whole-ness of an event or situation. There is no direct translation.

In gestalt we accept that there are cycles in life and patterns to how we experience or perceive events; and that by paying attention to these patterns we might make new or different choices that support what we want.

The key methods in Gestalt psychotherapy involve:

Embodied awareness; the awareness of physical sensations and emotions.

When we can pay attention to our actual experience and share that with another, how we relate and live can begin to change.

Relational Dialogue; building on embodied awareness, this involves exploring how we relate to others and how we are relating in the session.

Experience and experimentation; Talking and sharing are an important part of the therapy, however trying new and old things out is also an essential ingredient in growing. Just like children experiment to learn and grow, so too can adults.