Shadow work and Archetypal constellations

"We do not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." C. Jung.

Shadow work is a therapeutic process that allows us to explore all aspects of ourselves, safely and deeply.

Shadow Work - BristolSHADOW

The shadow is the part of us that we don't see and that we conceal or deny even to ourselves. A shadow is a normal and healthy thing to have, it is important that we put parts of ourselves or events to the “back of our mind” sometimes. Even though we can't see our shadow, sometimes our friends and loved ones do!


When we get caught in habitual patterns in our life or relationships it can be a sign to look inside and explore our habits, so we can make choices, and to explore our reactions so we can make responses, consciously. Shadow work is an effective way of exploring our habits and finding a new way to be that is relevant to the person we are today.


Shadow work offers a powerful and penetrating way of exploring parts of ourselves that we have wanted to shut a way, or may not feel safe or comfortable about. Shadow work is a way of exploring these parts as much or as little as you want. So you can bring parts of yourself back in to awareness at your own speed in your own way. Shadow work gives us the ability to be very conscious in how deeply you want to go into the healing process, and choosing a level that suits you. The opportunity here is to become more aware and more choiceful of how we live our lives and more responsible (response-ability) in how we function in our relationships.


To do this, shadow work uses a simple map to help us make sense of our inner selves using archetypal images.


Archetypes are images or symbols that are universally recognized and understood by many cultures to have a meaning or significance. For example most cultures have some understanding of what a warrior or a king is.

In Shadow work we will be exploring your relationship with your inner Sovereign (King or Queen), Warrior, Magician and Lover. Each of these images have certain qualities that are useful to a full life. The Sovereign gives us a sense of self esteem and confidence. The Lover gives us the ability to connect and be intimate. The Magician gives us the ability to detach and see more clearly, to get perspective, and the Warrior gives us a sense of identity, to set and hold boundaries and access to our power.


Shadow work helps us identify which of these qualities we might need more of, which ones we over-use, and which ones get neglected. Shadow work has the tools to support your access to the neglected parts of yourself so that you can safely step into a fuller sense of self.

Shadow work is used both in group and one to one contexts.
Shadow work workshops are from one day to 3 day events.
Shadow work individual sessions are three to five hours depending on your needs.

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