About Shiatsu

Shiatsu - BristolShiatsu is a body centred therapy that supports your body's own natural wisdom and resources for healing. Zen Shiatsu draws upon the wisdom of Zen and Traditional Chinese Medicine in helping to diagnose and treat the whole person through an understanding of energy (chi) and the meridian system.

Shiatsu works with the body in an energetic sense (Chi) but also physically and emotionally. The body is the source and vehicle of our emotional life, we experience our felt sense through our bodies, and as such shiatsu is a way of connecting to our deep emotional selves, and of touching places in our emotional life that can help us towards wholeness.

How we hold our body, our shape, posture and expression often mirror our relationship with life. Do we need to guard, protect, brace or bend over backwards? Shiatsu is a way of exploring our bodies postures in relation to our life and looking at the patterns we may be holding in our bodies, and finding new ways to transform those patterns and live a life from a new stance or posture.

Shiatsu - St AndrewsThrough the shiatsu we will explore what your body is calling out for. Discomfort, tension and pain are often ways our bodies communicate to us and shiatsu is a way of exploring that pain and finding  where you may need to be held, met, challenged or supported. Working this way we can support a reconnection to your instictive self which can be empowering and healing.

Shiatsu - Ashley DownShiatsu is about touch, simple human contact, and since our bodies hold the story of our whole life, shiastu is about letting someone touch your life and exploring that connection.

Shiatsu is performed on a futon on the floor and you remain fully clothed. Shiatsu sessions are normally an hour long. Other methods can be used depending on the physical requirments of the client.

For more information and insights about the five elements please read this published article on shiatsu by Paul McNicholls.