Client's Comments

Paul’s gentle and insightful approach was a great support to me during a difficult period in my life. He worked compassionately with whatever I brought to our sessions and helped me to accept aspects of myself which had previously been neglected. I feel significantly more at ease and empowered than I did prior to our sessions, and I am immensely grateful to Paul for this.


Paul is an extraordinary therapist- calling on his wide experience of bodywork, groupwork, literature, spirituality and psychotherapy.
I can honestly say I always felt met by Paul wherever I found myself – on the days when I could only lie on the ground sobbing, he read to me from the writings of people like David Whyte and Mary Oliver – unerringly finding the poems and passages to express my experience even when I didn’t know what that was myself.
He is also pretty challenging! He will tell you if you’re in your head or faking emotions – and yet he is also brimming with compassion. His courage in confronting or just staying with you in your struggles is unflinching.
He is extraordinarily creative in the way he works – inviting movement, silence, different ways to be.

It’s hard to summarise the richness of the many years of work we did together in a few paragraphs, but suffice to say that after decades of personal therapy, I found Paul to be the most thorough, consistent, energetic, attentive and creative therapist you could wish to work with.

V.M. (Counsellor)

Couples Therapy

Working with Paul was extremely helpful in moving forward with areas of conflict and confusion in our relationship. His sensitivity and skill at quickly and clearly getting to the heart of the matter, whilst simultaneously supporting us both in our truth was remarkable. I felt seen and encouraged to grow into my fuller self and the sessions deeply supported our relationship, increasing understanding, awareness and love for each other.

My experience of Paul is that he works from a refreshingly real place. He doesn't get lost in the story. There is an immediacy, insight and integrity in the way Paul works that enabled my partner and I to bring our full selves to the process, and increasingly see beyond the defensive and blaming patterns we were stuck in. Be warned: he will take you to the heart of your pain, en route to resolution! But only if you are willing to go there, and with great empathy and care. His presence and skill helped us heal seemingly un-surpassable problems. I am very thankful and recommend him to anyone who wants to change.

Graham and Sally (from Bristol)

Group Work

The PD group was an opportunity to dive into the subject of 'relating' - how I relate, how I respond, how I react to others within the group.
it was an opportunity to witness myself in a new and profoundly significant way. Often things did not get 'worked out' but I would leave feeling that I had 'witnessed' myself in this territory of relating... witnessed my patterns and habits, my power and my shutting down of self. Exploring how I express myself in relationship to others was significant for me and an area I would like to explore further.
Paul held the group with depth and integrity throughout, I am grateful for this journey and feel it is just the beginning.


It was an immensely rich period of time, making the commitment to be with the same group of people regularly over 6 months, and being able to explore the themes that arose, our connections and differences, within Paul's solid yet spacious holding. I saw parts of myself that I don't usually express in group situations, and the experiences in the group also had an effect on my relationships in my outer life, and by the end of the 6 months I felt in a completely different place emotionally.



The combination of shiatsu, counselling and shadow work proved to be incredibily powerful and dynamic each enhancing the other which allowed for a mind-blowing healing experience. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in Paul's capabilities and professionalism; I trust him implicitly with whatever issues I take to him.

Helen Hunt   (G.P. Drug liason worker)

Paul is a skilled shiatsu practitioner, with an intuitive sense of his patient that feels as though he is 'tuning in' to not only my physical body, but my inner balance as well. I always come away from a session feeling 2'' taller, and more aware of what is going on for me emotionally.

June Burrows   (Director, The Pierian Centre)

Paul's ability to draw upon various methods allowed him to steer me smoothly to depths of self understanding that I had not previously been able to reach. I felt confidence in Paul from the start, and allowed myself feelings which led graciously through wonderful insights. The active work brought these insights strongly into the present, and I could anchor into my body what I had learnt.

Kai Paulden   (Freelance Community Engagement Consultant)

Paul's shiatsu has supported me in my process of healing. He works intuitively, courageously and sensitively to seek the areas of pain held hidden. Paul combines clarity of intent with compassion, enabling me to explore the nature of my wounds and the possibilities of healing; and his integrity, and commitment to wholeness, challenges me to continue on my journey.

Katy John   (Occupational Therapist)

The way I feel about myself has changed since meeting Paul. Over the last year he has helped me work through some issues that have been left untouched and undiscovered by other forms of personal therapy.
I look forward to my sessions with him greatly, as a space I can safely take any concern or experience. We have established a trust which has challenged and transformed me, in a way that I previously doubted was possible.
If you are ready to begin the work of living and truly understanding what it means to be happy and at peace, this is the place to be.

Helen R.

I go to see Paul for shiatsu when I know there is something stuck or hidden which is affecting me, because I know he has a great ability to really get to the root of something which I cannot do alone. His sessions transform this in a powerful way. I completely trust Paul and his way of working, and I know that I will always leave in a very different state than I arrived in, with lasting effect.
I know that I can take the most sensitive, delicate or challenging things to my sessions with Paul and they will be handled with great care and commitment.

Hannah C.   (Shiatsu practitioner)

I have just recently completed a questionnaire for a study on Men and counselling, and I realised that there are four important questions when I consider guidance in this field. Firstly, is the practitioner trustworthy as a person; second, does he/she have the ability to draw from a range of skills I value and does he have his own experience of transformational healing; thirdly, is he comfortable and flexible enough with moments of my input ,direction and challenge, and changing tack if something is not working; and finally, is his work good value for money for clients with different means, which is all collectively a way of saying does his guidance work. With Paul McNicholls the answer to all theses questions is a resounding yes.

David   (Building Design & Environmental Teaching)

There's a healing alchemy with Shadow Work made possible by the professional skills of Paul who brings deep compassion, archetypal knowledge and power with a loving vision. Whatever you bring, he creates a safe and profoundly transformative place to do your work.

Laura   (Art cooperative coordinator)

Paul is one of those rare practitioners who can combine and move between the physical/structural, emotional, psychological and energetic levels of working within a session. And while doing that, be guided by the individual's needs as they unfold within the context of the work. He can be gentle and holding, but has a pair of thumbs and an elbow that can unknot the tightest spots! As someone who was a body-worker (Osteopath) for many years I can appreciate just what a special blend this is.

Rob   (University Administrator)


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