Group Work

"The self-development group was an experiment.
Stepping into the unknown with others, co-creating.
Echoing between the exchange in the circle and the depth of the Soul, a space emerged. Enough room to start hearing the chorus of the mind and noticing the habitual pathways taken when meeting others… It was a definite alchemical cauldron, a magnifying glass challenging me to look at how I step into relationship. Coming aware of the place I am speaking from, and slowly realising I can make a different choice.
Paul offered a simple, supportive and authentic presence. Curious of what was arising, inviting light on the hidden, always challenging with commitment to awake the Sovereign in each one of us.  
A really empowering experience!
Thank you for such quality work!"

 - Pascale



In my experience groups are the most powerful environment in which to heal, grow and develop. For deep transformational work, including shadow work, I tend to recommend groups over one to one work.

Groups can be challenging, however as social beings groups are our most natural environment. Once trust is established groups can be the most nourishing, supportive and growthful context in which to be fully ourselves.

I aim to run creative, challenging and dynamic groups to provide a supportive environment for personal development, experimentation, honesty and depth.

Groups are the most direct way to find out who we are and how we are. How do we connect, disconnect, relate, compete? What roles do we put ourselves in, carer, victim, initiator, combatant, pacifist leader, follower?
We can also experiment in finding new ways to relate and interact in groups. If we tend towards being passive, what might it be like to explore the opposite?

I have been running, leading, facilitating and teaching groups since 1998. I draw upon my trainings in psychoanalysis, shadow work, men's work gestalt and rites of passage experience in my group leadership and I aim to use these resources in empowering others to use the group for what they need.


Currently I am running personal development groups for therapists and shiatsu practitioners. Holding the ground groups are closed short cycle groups (10 2 hour sessions) and include a weekend intensive.
The group cycle starts each September and runs through until April
For more information, or enquiries, please see the contact page.